Her Fearful Symmetry

I began this book expecting it to be similar to Time Traveler's Wife - It wasn't even close.

The author Audrey Niffengger's writing style from Time Traveler's Wife was not present here, nor was the emotional love story, but her in-depth descriptions were definitely in full swing. Her Fearful Symmetry was enthralling from start to finish and extremely suspenseful. I honestly wanted to try and finish it on the first night, which wouldn't have been an easy task since it is just over 400 pages. The characters were extraordinarily well developed and I developed a bond with each one of them by the end of the novel. My only qualms about the book were the fact that the main characters (twins) were immensely immature despite their ages (which made it relatively unbelievable and unrealistic for me) since kids grow up so quickly now a days (which had me confused and thinking it was set in the 1920s for a while instead of the 2000's). I suppose that was intentional since it is partially meant as a coming of age story but it bothered me none the less. Overall; well written, imaginative, and a truly unforgettable book! Highly recommended. 4/5 Stars


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