The Time Travelers Wife

Second best book of all time (again this is a challenge to writers to write something better). I know that this may be a wasted post because it is such a famous book now that there is a movie, but I couldn't leave this book out of my blog since it is such a favorite of mine.

"On the surface, Henry and Clare Detamble are a normal couple living in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Henry works at the Newberry Library and Clare creates abstract paper art, but the cruel reality is that Henry is a prisoner of time. It sweeps him back and forth at its leisure, from the present to the past, with no regard for where he is or what he is doing. It drops him naked and vulnerable into another decade, wearing an age-appropriate face. In fact, it's not unusual for Henry to run into the other Henry and help him out of a jam. Sound unusual? Imagine Clare Detamble's astonishment at seeing Henry dropped stark naked into her parents' meadow when she was only six. Though, of course, until she came of age, Henry was always the perfect gentleman and gave young Clare nothing but his friendship as he dropped in and out of her life. It's no wonder that the film rights to this hip and urban love story have been acquired." - Elsa Gaztambide (BookList)

• This was the first book I read after about a 3 year hiatus from reading. My co-worker Helene demanded that I read it, although I wasn't interested in "wasting my time freakin' reading." She was right about this book in so many ways. Not only was it one of the best books I have ever gotten my hands on, but it was a book that changed my views on reading all-together.

The love story between Claire and Henry is both inspiring and devastating and I could honestly NOT PUT IT DOWN. The Time Travelers wife is not an easy read. It is brilliantly written but can be very confusing if you don't pay attention to every word. This is not a book that you can skim through and still expect to get the 'full effect'.

I have recommended this book to several people. All of them loved it with the exception of my mother, who thought it was 'too depressing'. I won't lie - it is a sad book - but the love story and the imagination it ensues makes it worth every tear! 5/5 stars •


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